Adding over-the-counter products to my order

There are various over-the-counter products that you can add to your contraception order. 

Our doctors get asked a lot about what products they recommend for various issues such as anxiety, painful sex, pelvic pain, low libido and PMS. Some of these products include supplements for anxiety and PMS, personal moisturiser for pelvic pain, a buffer for painful sex and more. 

We’ve also made it easy to get common items you might need to take care of your general health too, like pads, tampons, menstrual cups, multivitamins and more.

To add this to your initial Kin order 

When you place an order for your prescription plan, right before you pay, you’ll have the option to explore and add these products to your order.

To add this to your next or ongoing Kin order

To explore and add these products to your next order (or ongoing order), head into your profile and click into “Manage Order” for your prescription plan. Here, you’ll see various products that you can explore and add to your next order.