Asking my doctor questions

At any point in time during your membership, you can consult your doctor on Kin. 

If you are experiencing any side effects that you’re worried about, or unsure about the medication that you’ve been prescribed, email us at and we’ll book you in for a Review Consult with your doctor to discuss your concerns. 

If you’ve recently changed your contraception brand or type of contraception, it’s common to experience small side effects in the first 3 months as your body adjusts. 

Below are some articles you may find interesting on some of the more common side effects people experience.

- Breakthrough bleeding

- Does the pill cause acne

- Does the pill make you fat

- Can the pill affect my sex life

If you think you may need Emergency Contraception, we recommend that you consult your local pharmacy as soon as possible to discuss these concerns and reduce your risk of an unplanned pregnancy. At the same time, if helpful, we can book you in for a Review Consult with your doctor. However, we recommend getting advice as early as possible as Emergency Contraception works best when used as early as possible.