How does the fertility test work?

Our fertility test is quite different from traditional tests as it doesn't involve seeing a GP to receive a referral form!

1. Complete an online medical questionnaire

All you need to do is create an account by completing the fertility questionnaire via our website. Prior to making the $299 payment, you get to see which hormones you will be tested for based on your circumstance (e.g. if you are currently on contraception).

2. Get your blood test at one of our partner collection centres

Once you pay the fee for the fertility test, you will receive a downloadable referral form, which you will need to print and take to one of our partner collection centres to get your blood tested.

3. Book an appointment with a fertility specialist

When you have been notified by email that your results have been sent across to our medical team, you will be asked to schedule an appointment with one of our Kin doctors to have your results interpreted. After your appointment, you will receive your own fertility specialist-reviewed report, and an online personalised fertility dashboard.